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自身从失利中学到了怎么着? (励志 )

What other options did you have? What choices did you make? How could you have handled it differently? With the benefit of hindsight, what different steps would you have taken? (特出台词 卡塔尔国

Take responsibility for what went wrong. OK, so it was not all your fault but some of it was. Successful people dont make excuses or blame others. They take ownership of the issues. Be critical but constructive. Try to look at the experience objectively. Make a list of the key things that happened. Analyze the list step-by-step and look for the learning points. (金玉良言 State of Qatar

Lets face it. We all fail.

未果是不是也意味你工夫不足吗?该如何弥补?或然,你能够阅读、上课或向人请教。制定安顿,努力进步本身的手艺啊。 (励志 卡塔尔(قطر‎

1、 What can I learn from this? (励志 )

(励志 )

If you read the life stories of successful people especially inventors, explorers, scientists or statesmen you will find that their early careers are littered with failures. Walt Disney, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford are typical examples. Abraham Lincoln, suffered many defeats in his career in politics including losing the nomination for vice president in 1856 and his second run at being a U.S. Senator in 1858. Two years later he was elected president. (观后感 )

之所以,你应当把停业看作吸收教化、走向成功的敲门砖。生命中的每段历程,都有主动开朗的风流倜傥派。多问问自个儿那四个难点,恐怕你就能够茅塞顿开。 (影视批评 )

若是重来三次会不会有两样的管理情势? (读后感 )

当下是还是不是还也会有别的路径?可不可以换豆蔻梢头种方法管理?后见之明可能能让您开采原来还会有其他艺术消除难点。 (观后感想 卡塔尔国

(精粹台词 卡塔尔国

As we go through life we have relationships that dont work out, jobs that just arent right, exams that we flunk, initiatives that dont succeed. The more new things we try the more failures we are likely to have. In fact, the only way to avoid failure is to do nothing new. (读后感 )

Is there someone to whom you can turn to for advice? Did a boss, colleague or a friend see what happened? If they are constructive and supportive then ask them for some feedback and guidance. Most people do not ask for help because they believe it to be a sign of weakness rather than strength. Its not. It shows that you are ready to learn and change. Any good friend will be happy to help. (励志 )

5、What will I do next? (精华台词 卡塔尔

接下去该怎么做? (励志 )

那风流倜傥辈子,大家总会遇到拖泥带水的人脉圈、不甚满足的工作、未经过的试验,或然还未达成的安顿。尝试愈来愈多,曲折也更加多。除非什么都不干,否则难免受到打击。 (优质台词 State of Qatar


Did the problem reveal some lack of skill on your part? How could you learn or improve those skills? Perhaps there are books or courses or people you could turn to. Make a self-development plan to acquire the skills and experiences you need. (有名的人语录 )

本人的本领是或不是须要提升? (观后感 )

The important thing is how we deal with failure. It can be part of a downward slide in which lack of confidence reinforces feelings of inadequacy and incompetence. But experiencing failure can be a learning experience and an opportunity for a fresh start. A good way to begin this process is by asking yoruself some tough questions. (金玉良言 State of Qatar

为所犯的错承责。的确,失败实际不是全盘你的错,但你也真正在指谪逃吧。成功的人未有为战败找借口或抱怨别人,而是平静承担义务。所以,试着客阅览待波折,列出项目清单,一步一步认真总计才好。 (有名气的人语录 卡塔尔国

假定你常读成功职员的轶闻更为是这几个发明家、背包客、化学家或政治家的,你会开采,超多少人早前都四处碰壁。Walter迪士尼、ThomasEdison以致亨利Ford都是很好的事例。再比方AbrahamLincoln,政治生涯再三退步:1856年,错过副总统提名;1858年,参议员公投再一次落地;直到五年后,他才产生美利坚同盟友管辖。 (优良台词 State of Qatar

3、Do I need to acquire or improve some skills? (读后感 )

制订行动方案。你想照旧依然有所分裂?好好审视本身的靶子吗。退步并不意味你要吐弃,大概你只需换种艺术而已。所以,你应重新审视指标,调治施行布置。 (名家语录 卡塔尔(قطر‎

中标励志:退步时纪念问自己的5个难点 (忠言逆耳 State of Qatar

本身能向什么人学习? (杰出台词 卡塔尔(قطر‎

2、What could I have done differently? (读后感 )


The important point is to use your setbacks as learning experiences and make them stepping stones to future success. There are always positives you can take from every episode in your life. Asking yourself these five questions can help find them. (极品书摘 State of Qatar

4、Who can I learn from? (金玉良言 卡塔尔(قطر‎

Now draw up an action plan. Will you try something similar or something different? Revisit your goals and objectives. This reversal has been a setback on your journey but think of it as a diversion rather than a halt. You can now reset your sights on your destination and plan a new course. (励志 )

重大是大家怎么着直面失利。人走下坡路,往往会自卑,以为心余力绌。但未果也是吸收教诲、重新起头的机缘。要重新起始,最棒认真用脑筋想下边多少个难题。 (优越台词 卡塔尔国

(观后感 )